Why an enterprise to 'go Google Apps' ?

      •  Save Money
        • Save Time
          • Be productive

Enhance your  Enterprise  Communications

Professional gmail @ your own domain, accessible from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, from ANY device.  Chat , make calls or video calls. 

Enhance your office suite with real-time collaboration 

Whether your business uses Microsoft Office, or a different productivity suite, employees shouldn't have to struggle with their software to collaborate. Google Apps makes collaborating with those applications work more smoothly. 

Worker mobility 

Access your data (email, files, drawings ) from anywhere. Employees can be productive from any computer. 

Enterprise-class service 
Google Apps includes a 99.9% uptime SLA and synchronous replication.

Information access control 
Each piece of content can be as private or as public as necessary. 

Secure infrastructure 
Multiple layers of protection keep your business data safe and secure. 

Use Google Docs to 
on files and share with coworkers

- Protect your company's documents

- Present and publish through the web
 -Interoperate with traditional file formats 

Use Google Sites to share knowledge

- Keep company information secure
- Make useful information accessible 
- Share files simply 
- Let employees contribute 

Use Google Video for secure, private video sharing

- Share rich video information, with security and privacy
- No need to share video over email, or burden IT for a video solution. 
- Employees can share videos instantly.

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