Google Groups

Fast setup

Create and manage your own groups in the company without burdening IT.

Sharing with a group

Employees can share docs, calendars, sites, shared folders and videos with a group instead of individuals. You control who has access to content by managing group membership.

Customizable subscription settings

Group discussions are archived by default, allowing users to easily search and view past and present discussions via the web UI.

Searchable archives

Group members can access and search archives of mail sent to their lists to efficiently find topics of interest.

Reply on behalf of a group

Groups can serve as a central point to receive and respond to communications, and members can reply on behalf of the group.

and even more:

  • Hold online discussions about a specific subject
  • Host a question and answer forum where customers answer and rate each others’ questions about your company’s product
  • Track and manage support requests from co-workers or customers
  • Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group
  • Read group posts through email, the online forum, or both