Operations Support Systems

Knowing and managing resources
, is a cornerstone for high-quality and cost-effective operations in the Communications Industry. To achieve this, the introduction of today's next-generation OSS solutions in the Service Provider's daily operations is a decision of strategic importance. OSS Solutions enable reduced operational costs, superior customer service, accelerated time to market of new products and services and improved return on investment (ROI) of the Service Providers' key assets. With our OSS solutions and services, Service Providers can effectively gear network resources, continuously monitor and act on emergencies, measure and thus manage performance and create layers for mediating superior Business Support solutions.
  • Service Management
    • Service Assurance Management
      • Service Problem Management
      • Service Quality Management
    • Service Order Management
    • GIS solutions
  • Resource Management
    • Resource Assurance Management
    • Resource Inventory Management
    • Resource Process Management
    • Resource Order Management
    • Billing Mediation
    • Resource Domain Management
    • Auto Configuration Solutions
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Content Caching
    • Deep Packet Inspection
    • Mobile telemetry
    • Passive Network Documentation