is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

We add value to your company by offering  a wide range of professional services, depending on your needs.

We aim to be your trusted advisor by providing you services spanning the area of Change Management AssistanceApplication Management Consulting, end user supportdeployment migration and  training, so you can leverage the usage of Google Apps to the fullest advantage.  

Flexible Billing Policies

For better management of your Company's cashflows, you may choose between monthly or annual payments. 

Google Apps set up and configuration 

We will help you set up Google Apps for your company and support
you. We will take care of the service configuration (DNS settings, MX record update, domain verification etc) and complete the account creation, user provisioning and email activation.

Migration to the cloud

We can help you migrate smoothly your old emails, contacts, calendar from your legacy system to Google Apps. 

We can set up for you a 'Dual delivery' mechanism, for pilot implementations in order to take your time and test the Google Apps without affecting the current situation

Enterprise Support

Help Desk with email support. Ask for any issue you may want help or clarifications.

Application management Consulting

We help you understand how you can really use each application to your benefit and take the most of their features:
  • Built project, personal or your company sites and intranets,
  • Create surveys, questionnaires, contact or order forms,
  • Create your company templates,
  • Consult you on new features and releases and  on complementary web apps from Google Marketplace (e.g. CRM, Project Management, Email Marketing tools, etc).
Customizations to fit in to your needs
  • Automate repetitive business processes,
  • Link Google Apps with 3rd party products,
  • Create custom spreadsheet functions,
  • Develop tailored made applications.

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